Water blasting uses the power of water pressure to lift extremely tough to remove stains from a variety of surfaces and materials. Often used for industrial applications, it is preferred by many for being versatile and relatively more affordable than conventional cleaning methods.

The water pressure used for cleaning may exceed 25,000 psi, depending on the stain and the material. Tougher stains and materials generally call for high water speeds. To accurately determine the appropriate pressure for any surface you want cleaned, it is always best to consult with experts.

There are several common applications of water blasting. They are the following:

Surface preparation

Hard surfaces that need repainting must be prepared before the application of paint. This ensures excellent coverage and a long-lasting coat. Water blasting can be used to clean and to smoothen the surface, making it ready for a fresh layer of pigment.

Rubber and marking removal

Water blasting is a popular choice for the removal of rubber and markings in airfields. Too much rubber can decrease the friction on the landing strips, making it dangerous for landing aircrafts especially in rainy weather.

Airfield markings are made to last and resist friction and the elements. As such, it can be difficult to remove them for repainting. Water blasting is a perfect choice for removing even heavy-duty paint.

Waterproof coating removal

Removing waterproof coatings can be tough, especially if you use conventional cleaning methods. Because water blasting uses pressure, it is an ideal cleaning approach even for substances that repel water.

Industrial and general cleaning

Varying pressure levels are useful for the removal of anything from normal stains to paints formulated to resist industrial forces and stresses. This means that water blasting may be utilised in virtually any setting, from residential buildings to factories and commercial establishments.

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