Graffiti Removal Services for Clean Walls

Unsightly graffiti on your wall is one of the last things you want your customers to see. Removing them with conventional cleaning methods can be time-consuming, while painting over them is hardly cost-effective. If you are looking for an effective, efficient, and inexpensive solution to your graffiti problem, then water blasting is for you.

Water blasting services involve washing a surface with water propelled through a high-pressure spray. The water may be combined with various solvents and substances to enhance its cleaning power, but it may also be used by itself. For graffiti removal, the water used is usually heated to make it easier to separate unwanted paint from the wall surface.

It is possible to configure the spray to release water at varying area sizes and distances. This means that it is possible to clean large areas fast with little trouble for the person operating the spray. This this feature that makes graffiti removal through water blasting cost and labour-effective.

Here are some things you need to remember about graffiti removal services that use water blasting;

Take note of the surface to be blasted. This will help you determine the appropriate pressure to be used. Harder surfaces like stone and concrete can take greater pressures. Unless it is possible to greatly reduce the pressure of the water blaster, do not use it to clean glass surfaces. The blaster is powerful enough to easily break glass.

Water-blasting requires excellent drainage. Because you will be spraying water, it is necessary for you to establish a method through which to drain the water. It is for this reason that water-blasting is used especially for surfaces located outdoors where there is ready access to the main drainage system. If ever you perform blasting indoors, make sure that the water can flow out without any problem.

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