Concrete Cleaning

The roughness and size of most concrete surfaces can make the task of cleaning them a challenge. High pressure cleaning is a fast, effective, and safe alternative to conventional methods of concrete cleaning. It uses water pumped through a high-pressure spray, creating a jet powerful enough to lift paint, dirt, grime, and other substances.

The water can be combined with different chemicals to achieve a variety of results. This makes high-pressure cleaning highly versatile and useful for many applications. These include the following:

  • Lifting graffiti and dry paint from concrete walls
  • Removing stubborn stains, fuel, and grease from concrete and asphalt roads
  • Eliminating moss and algae from pools, tennis courts, and other concrete surfaces
  • Cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning driveways and other large areas

There are many reasons why high-pressure cleaning for concrete is an excellent choice. These are:

  1. Time saving - High pressure cleaning is very straightforward and does not require a long downtime. Once the process is done, you only have to let the water dry before you can use the newly cleaned area.
  2. Easy - You do not have to bend over just to clean the concrete floor or climb ladders to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Versatile - You can use it on a variety of hard surfaces and areas including roofs, floors, pool sides, patios, and driveways.
  4. Inexpensive - Concrete cleaning does not cost a lot. Most of the time, you have no need for detergents and other cleaning chemicals.
  5. Visibly clean areas - The water is strong enough to remove almost all foreign surface in the area, depending on how long the water is applied and what is combined with the liquid.
  6. At Grime Fighters, we provide concrete cleaning services that you can trust to leave any concrete surface looking clean. You can call us for enquiries and to ask for a quote.